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My mission is to help women like YOU transform the unhealthy desire for alcohol so that you can live a life you are excited to wake up to!  A life that is fulfilled with self-love, purpose and an abundance of confidence, joy & freedom!

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REWIRE YOUR DESIRE was created for her!

This young, beautiful part of myself that had (has!) dreamed of living a life fueled by self-love, confidence, freedom and joy!

Little Anita, age 7

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This alongside with all of the modalities I’ve studied helped me to get to understand how alcohol effects the human system. I learned that the toxic way I drank wasn’t because I was defective or that something was wrong with me, my brain was actually doing what it was designed to do- avoid pain and seek pleasure. This newfound knowledge flipped the defeating shame loop I was in on its head and instead lifted me up with compassion for myself and hope that there was an empowering way to change my relationship with alcohol. 


On this journey, while I continued to drink while I researched alcohol and it’s effects on the human system something interesting happened. The more I learned the truth about alcohol, the less I wanted to drink, my desire for alcohol actually began to wane! I then committed to take a three month break from drinking on January 8, 2018. Four and a half years later I’m still on that break! 


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The human brain and human condition have fascinated me since I was kid so when I began my journey of wanting to live an alcohol-free lifestyle it wasn't surprising that one of the most prominent things that helped me was when I began reading The Biology of Desire, authored by renowed neuroscientist and professor, Dr. Marc Lewis, who gives an enlightening perspective on the intracies of how are brains work in relation to alcohol and desire. 

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Image by Rachel Kelli

Transforming my relationship with alcohol has been one of the best decisions

I've made in my life! 

I'm living the life I dreamed about.

I get to enjoy the things that light my world up....

Puerto Vallarta botanical gardens
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Journaling on the beach
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Sedona retreat with grandmother tree
Sedona retreat
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Anita & Eric
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RYD_flower circles 01_edited.png
RYD_flower circles 01_edited.png
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Institute for the Psychology of Eating
 Mind-Body Nutrition Expert
Breathing Space Yoga Wellness
Yoga Wellness Practitioner
Be The Change 
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Opti Mind Neuroscience
Neuroscience Coaching Program
Belly Mind Institute
Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Healing Fusion Therapy
Usi Reiki Level 1

Ayurved Sadhana 

Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner 



Recovery Coach Training For Gray Area Drinking

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