little Anita-01.png

Little Anita, age 7

This young, beautiful part of myself that had (has!) dreamed of living a life fueled by self-love, confidence, freedom and joy!

REWIRE YOUR DESIRE was created for her!

When I began my journey of wanting to live an alcohol free lifestyle, I didn’t really have a compass, so at first I continued to drink while learning about alcohol and its effects on the human system.

I realized that when I drank, I would think about the next time I could drink which consumed a lot of my time and energy. It took away from my time learning about alcohol and my relationship with it. I also noticed that alcohol dimmed my clarity and judgement. And the biggest realization was that alcohol was amplifying the fear and insecurities I already had deep within me stripping me of my self-worth and confidence, I didn’t want to take any risks and wanted to stay in my comfort zone. I had such strong urges for alcohol and every time I gave into an urge, I wallowed in distress for a minute and then dusted myself and got back up. I considered myself a scientist and was experimenting using curiosity to understand myself, my thoughts of why I had an insatiable desire for alcohol and why I kept giving into the urges. It was because of my curiosity, awareness, patience and resilience that I transformed my relationship with alcohol.


I realized that alcohol was just a symptom of a deeper issue. I was using alcohol as a distraction, a huge distraction from living up to my full potential. Alcohol was so good at helping me play small, I was filled with so much fear. In order to rewire my desire for alcohol, I had to discover what was creating my insatiable desire for alcohol in the first place. And that was my THOUGHTS I had about alcohol. When I figured out that is was my thoughts that were creating my urge to drink alcohol, I knew I that I definitely had the power to transform my desire for alcohol. Craving alcohol is just a symptom of something going on beneath the surface. When I had an urge for alcohol, I began to pause and observe my thoughts and discovered that what I really was craving was connection, freedom, fulfillment, joy and the list goes on. I also discovered that I was filled with fear and was using alcohol to escape some very uncomfortable perceived realities of mine.


Observing one’s thoughts is indeed a simple concept, but that doesn’t mean the journey is simple. I realized that rewiring one's brain takes time, commitment, repetition, consistency and most of all the DESIRE for change.


This is not just a program about rewiring your desire for alcohol, this is about reclaiming your power and awakening to your greatness!  


My mission is to help women, like YOU, dissolve and transform their unhealthy desires for alcohol and live extraordinary lives, lives that exceed their wildest dreams. Lives that are filled with SELF-LOVE, PURPOSE and an abundance of CONFIDENCE, JOY and FREEDOM!