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Your Journey
to living a more Empowered & Joyful LIFE
starts HERE.

Be patient with yourself.

Self-growth is tender, it's holy ground.

There's no greater investment.


 -Stephen Covey

Receive tips to activate & expand your heart consciousness, confidence, freedom & joy!

Are you ready to THRIVE?
Are you ready to CONNECT to YOUR POWER? 
Are your ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE?

Is alcohol hindering you from saying, YES, to any of the above questions?

If so, are you ready to transform your relationship with alcohol?

Going a step further, are you ready to ask yourself BIG questions... 

The kind of questions that lead to your life being liberated by your truth, fueled by your purpose and expanded by your Self-love/worth?

If you answered "YES!" to any or all of the above, 

The REWIRE YOUR DESIRE Program is for YOU!!!   

Anita _ DRINKING.jpg

Wine in hand, looking happy, but at a point in my life where I knew I was dependent on alcohol and was continuing to drink because I believed that alcohol was the only way to have fun.

Rewire Your Desire A&S.jpg

New Year's Eve

Wine + Cocktails + Champagne
I may be smiling in this picture, but I was suffering from the consequences of alcohol behind the scenes. This time in my life was filled with bouts of 

depression and loneliness.

You’ve landed on this website because you are most likely questioning your drinking habits and/or your relationship with alcohol. 

If this is true for you, I am so happy that you are here! I am happy that you are choosing to be conscious. I am happy that you are choosing to be courageous. I am happy that you are choosing to explore another way of living your life.

In a culture that both reveres and perpetuates alcohol as being Normal, Fun and even Sexy, choosing to question your relationship with it can make you feel as if you are defective, weak or inadequate in some way.

I am here to help you free yourself from this trap and to call B.S. on this way of thinking and societal conditioning!

I mean, have you ever stopped to think WHY you drink? Do you like the way it makes you feel? Do you enjoy the taste? Do you 'NEED' a drink to feel more at ease in social situations? Do you think that drinking is the ONLY way you can have fun?

For so many of us, drinking is a just a given. It's something that we don't really think about, let alone ever question, except perhaps on that morning when you wake up after 'one-too-many' with your body feeling on par with the Walking Dead and your head imploding in on itself when you try to pull yourself up to sitting to chase a fistful of Tylenol with Gatorade, and swear that you are, "NEVER EVER drinking again!". That is, until the next Happy Hour.


If this sounds familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. For most adults,alcohol plays a huge role in how we connect, identify and relate to our friends, family and co-workers. We use it to celebrate, relax, fit-in and other times to ‘take the edge off’ and unwind from the stresses of daily life. 

Because of the fact that drinking is a mainstream norm, more often than not, it is presumed that if one chooses not to drink, it must be because they have a 'problem', are pregnant or have a medical reason not to. 

Here's the thing, just because something is considered normal or typical does not make it right, let alone healthy. What's right for one person isn't necessarily good for another and you have the right to decide for yourself.

People who drink are not all the same. People who don’t drink are not all the same. It’s not a simple black-and-white issue. There is a spectrum.

You do NOT have to have a drinking problem

for drinking to be a problem.

Sadly, many won't/don't question their relationship with alcohol, in fear of being judged and/or labeled. This fear keeps us trapped in the cycle of drinking, shame, despair, depression & isolation.


I believe (and KNOW!) from my own personal journey, that this is no way to exist. I use the word exist because when we are operating at this level, we are stuck in survival mode. It feels like we have our back up against the wall with the world working against, rather than for us - life is devoid of joy and we are merely focused on simply just getting through the next 24 hours. Repeat after me, THIS IS NOT LIVING!

If you are ready to transform your relationship with alcohol and begin to live a life filled with Confidence, Freedom, Purpose & Joy - 



A Holistic Model

Transform your 

relationship with 

alcohol & LIFE! 



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Meet Anita Marie Parr

For years, I was stuck in the confusing and unhealthy cycle of alcohol dependency. I went to AA, had a life coach and even tried a few conventional programs to try to quit. 


While each program helped me in one way or another, I still had a strong and unhealthy desire to consume alcohol. I thought to myself, I refuse to live the rest of my life pining for a drink and not being able to have one, that would be tortuous and it was! I knew that there had to be something that I was missing, I knew that there had to be more than one solution to help me with my drinking dilemma. I had manifested so much good in my life and was confused as to why I had not yet physically manifested a healthier relationship with alcohol that I so desperately yearned for.


There had to be a way to be a healthy and empowering way to neutralize my unhealthy desire for consuming alcohol. And I was absolutely correct, there was. I literally rewired my brain’s desire for alcohol, all by myself!


I created the program

I needed & couldn't find

....and it worked!


Now, I want to share

everything I know with you! 


Rewire Your Desire is a drinking program that is NOT about alcohol.

Ok, well maybe a little!

REWIRE YOUR DESIRE is a 4-week Holistic Program that helps women to transfrom their relationship with alcohol (LIFE!). It is equal parts thought provoking, inspiring, heart-centered, liberating & fun!


Each RYD group is intentionally kept small to allow for deeper, more frequent one-on-one connections with each participant, as well as to provide an intimate and safe space for you to gather with other courageous and like-hearted women on the same path. The program is structured in a way that you will be seen, supported and loved for the duration of our four weeks together.


By virtue of the fact that you are a multifaceted, dynamic human-being, RYD was designed accordingly! The program uses a holistic model, taking into consideration all of what makes you, YOU! Body. Mind. Emotions. Spirit. 


The program's signature curriculum weaves together one-on-one, group and self-guided practices that include private coaching sessions, LIVE groups calls, personal distal Reiki (energy therapy) treatments, a custom designed printable 100+ pages workbook/journal and a series of Yoga, Meditation & Essential Oil Therapy recordings that can be watched once, or if you choose, revisited again and again throughout the program!

In the first part of the program, we will unearth what your relationship with alcohol (LIFE!) is what it is and from there you will begin to deliberately design and lay the foundations for a new way of living built with Awareness, Acceptance and Self-Love, so that you can live the life you not only dream of, but deserve! 

You get TWO 45 minute 1:1 Coaching sessions!!! 

BECAUSE THIS PROGRAM WAS DESIGNED BASED ON WHAT I NEEDED FOR MYSELF (WHEN I WAS WERE YOU ARE NOW!). I WILL BE PROVIDING CONSISTENT + LASER FOCUSED GUIDANCE & SUPPORT OVER THE COURSE OF OUR FOUR WEEKS TOGETHER. These sessions are an opportunity for you and I to work together to create a clear framework of your RYD goals and the strategies for you will achieve them. It is my intention to guide and hold space while simultaneously providing accountability in a nurturing way that ignites the part of you that holds your inner spirit, the part of you that knows the answers…. and will lead the way!

Anita NAME-01.png


•  You are a courageous conscious woman who is ready to embark on a happier, healthier life.


•  You understand that you get out what you put in.


•  You are ready to connect with your purpose and share your gifts with the world.

•  You want to connect with other women on this path. 


•  You are ready to be witnessed, supported & guided while transforming from the inside out.


•  You are ready and willing to create the life of your dreams.


•  You are ready to live an extraordinary life filled with Joy, Freedom & Confidence.

What you get....

TWO 45 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions
with Anita Marie Parr 

TWO distal Reiki Treatments (Energy Therapy)
with Lisa T. from Healing Fusion Therapy
REWIRE YOUR DESIRE Journal & Workbook
THREE 60 minute LIVE Zoom Calls
with Anita Marie Parr 
Private Facebook Community
Weekly Guided Meditations
with Anita Marie Parr 
Weekly Gentle Yoga & Breathwork Exercises
with Anita Marie Parr 
Weekly Essential Oil Therapy
~ for Emotional Resolution + Resilience ~
with Lisa T. from Healing Fusion Therapy

over the course of FOUR weeks, we will explore and unearth the essence of your WHY and together, create the framework of your soul's deepest desires, so that you can transform your relationship with alcohol and make your dreams your reality! 

FOUR weeks

A Holistic Model

to live a life with purpose & Joy

Rewire Your Desire CHAKRA 1-01.png

Module ONE  

ROOT ::: Survival, Support, Security

Anything of value is built on a solid foundation and has the wherewithal to sustain, withstand and flourish in the midst of changes and challenges. For this reason, we will start with from the ground up, unearthing the parts of ourselves that hold our trauma, pain and stories to lay the ground for a sturdy and secure foundation. From this place that is rooted and grounded, we will begin to unravel, resolve and reconstruct our lives with intention.

Rewire Your Desire CHAKRA 2-01.png

Modules TWO & THREE

SACRAL ::: Desire, Pleasure, Creativity

Emotions are the wellspring of our lives, governing how we perceive and connect with situations, people around us and ourselves. To be able to be in the river of life, we must understand the natural ebb and flow of our emotions. It is then, we can discover our desires in the realms of intimacy and pleasure -- bringing reconciliation and resolve to the toxic stories (real and imagined) that have stifled our creativity and connection to life.

Rewire Your Desire CHAKRA 3-01.png

Module FOUR & FIVE

POWER ::: Confidence, Will

Taking action for our highest good is a reclamation of Power. Learning to be in this energy illuminates the parts of ourselves that allows for transformations and shatters boundaries, opening us to new possibilities. Through accepting responsibility for ourselves we create an opportunity to shine as the powerful bright beings that we are!

In this segment of the course, we will explore connecting to our power by finding our purpose. When we know our purpose, we know our self worth. To be in the energy of this knowingness, we are no longer victims to self-doubt.

Rewire Your Desire CHAKRA 4-01.png

Module SIX & SEVEN

HEART CENTER ::: Love, Compassion

RYD will provide an opportunity for you to be seen and heard without judgment and in turn allow you to do the same for yourself. When we can open our hearts to the liberating forces of forgiveness (self & others), we can begin to give and receive love in healing and deliberate ways that allow us to experience the ultimate graces that are at the root of true compassion.

Rewire Your Desire CHAKRA 5-01.png

Modules EIGHT & NINE
TRUTH ::: Communication, Sound, Vibration

Standing face to face with Truth is to be unshackled and set free. We will do exercises that allow you to express yourself, to be able to say what you need to say. To Speak. To Listen. To be Heard. This elevated frequency is the gateway to consciousness. Working the energy of Truth, you will explore ways to rewrite any stories of guilt, shame and anger that you have been telling yourself & others from a perspective that is shaped by Self-Love.

Rewire Your Desire CHAKRA 7-01.png

Modules TEN & ELEVEN
INTUTION ::: Vision, Clarity, Imagination

Learing to trust the wisdom of your intuition and to see things for what they truly are will allow you to lean into your own knowingness. Connecting to the Divine, illusions are clarified and it through this lens we learn to see not with the eyes, but with our souls.   

Rewire Your Desire CHAKRA 7-01.png


CONSCIOUSNESS ::: Connecting to Consciousness

When we realize that we are an essential part of the pulse of all of life, we understand that we are essential beings and reflections of Source. It is here, that we will explore the possibilities that give us new levels of freedom and awareness in our lives. Working with the essence of this energy establishes our connection to the birthplace of Miracles, Manifestation & Meaning. 

"The biggest obstacle to creating life is self-limting beliefs. A self-limiting belief is an idea you have that you are limited in some way, in terms of time, talent, intelligence, money, ability, or opportunity." - Brian Tracy

What to expect....

  • Your relationship with alcohol to be transformed.

  • You will not look at alcohol the same ever again.

  • A new sense of awareness and clarity that will help guide you in every aspect of your life, especially when it comes to consuming alcohol.

  • A deep understanding of how habits are formed and how to rewire them with tools such as: Yoga, Reiki, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Faster EFT, Meditation, Nutrition & Essential Oils.

  • To form intimate friendships with other women that may last a lifetime.

  • A new sense of confidence, freedom & joy that will elevate your life.

    You can expect to accept and love yourself in deep & profound ways.

Thanks for submitting!

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