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How is REWIRE YOUR DESIRE different from other programs? 

I believe that 1:1 private coaching sessions are essential to help guide to you achieve your unique goals and intentions. This is is the sacred time and space where we will explore your current challenges, questions and basically anything you desire to change.

Can I drink for the duration of the program? 

#1 It’s important to have crystal clear clarity when you are doing deep inner work for sustainable change. Alcohol tends to cloud perception and reduce clarity.


#2 Alcohol may reduce your motivation & desire to fully show up.


#3 You will be sharing and exchanging energy with the other RYD students. The intention is for the collective energy to be that of clarity, inspiration and creation. That being said, do continue to participate in RYD if you give into an urge to drink. This is about progress, not perfection. You fall down, you dust yourself off and get back up using that drinking session as a growth opportunity for your evolution. I am here to support you 100% no matter what. This space is a safe, compassionate judgement-free zone.

Will I be able to get sober if I enroll/take this program?

I can’t guarantee that you will quit drinking but I can guarantee you that your relationship with alcohol will be forever changed. I can guarantee that if you do the work, you will transform from the inside out. Rewire Your Desire is designed to get to the root issue of why you drink while providing you with the tools to enjoy an alcohol free lifestyle. The goal is to create an amazing life filled with joy, vitality & freedom, a life that you want to experience fully and don’t want to numb out from.

What if I fail? 

Success happens when you expand yourself out of your comfort zone and continue to show up for yourself no matter what. If you fall down, you dust yourself off and get back up. Resilience and persistence are key here. If you show up and drink one less drink, are conscious, open and do the work you are one, two, three steps closer o success than failure.

I don't know if I can afford it.

The question should be, "Can you NOT afford to start living your best life?".

RYD is as an investment in yourself. This training will gift you transformational freedom, joy, confidence and more while transforming your desire for alcohol. You get 1:1 Life Coaching and distal Reiki support, community and tools to help you elevate, expand and enrich every aspect of your life!


Think about what alcohol cost you...

Money, time, your physical health, emotional health, relationships, goals and dreams.

Is this a 12 Step Program? 


Is there a minimum age to participate in RYD?

Yes, to paricipate in RYD you must be at least 18 years old.

When will the weekly calls be held? 

Thursday evenings 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

What if I can't be on the LIVE Zoom calls? 

While it is encouraged & suggested that you show up to all of the live group calls, they will recorded and a playback recording will be made available.

What is the Refund Policy?

Due to the fact that each cycle of the REWIRE YOUR DESIRE program is intentionally kept to host a small select group of women, NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE. A full commitment by each participant is required at the time of payment, so that each spot in the program is filled for the duration of the 12 week program. By using and/or purchasing any of the offerings from Anita Parr, Nourished Soul and/or Rewire Your Desire you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided for any reason. /


The study of the brain and nervous system. We will discuss neuroplasticity which is the brain’s ability to adapt and change. This is an essential tool in rewiring your desire for alcohol. Rewiring your brain requires awareness, consistency & repetition. When you repeatedly align your beliefs, feelings, vision & actions, you will experience lasting changes in your brain.

A scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings and behavior with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. Positive Psychology spends most of its tome thinking about topics like character strengths, optimism, well-being, gratitude, compassion, self-esteem, hope & elevation. These topics are studied in order to help people flourish & live their best lives.



Uses a holistic approach to create core lasting changes in our lives. All of your problems-from physical , emotional and mental health to relationships and finances-are caused by the subconscious records (beliefs) you hold. Your decisions, choices, actions, behavior, ability to communicate, physical health and so much more, are all determined the beliefs held in your subconscious mind. In order to change the results you are experiencing in all areas of your life, you need to change those living beliefs. And when you change those, you change your life!


Life Coaching: The SIX 45 min sessions are tailored to your individual needs and desires. You will be supported in a judgement-free & compassionate way that will help you cultivate breakthroughs. This is your time where we will explore your current challenges, questions & basically anything  you are ready and wanting to change. You will have the choice to either Skype, Zoom or phone call.


The system of Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that supports healing and personal development. In each of the remote Reiki sessions, we will be working with the five elements of the system of Reiki stimulates energy (Reiki) to move in the body & mind. This particular energy therapy is not directed or manipulated in anyway. It is about being open and letting go, allowing your body's natural biological intelligence to draw on the energy and take/receive what it needs. When we take away the rational mind, judging what is right or wrong for us, we open ourselves to the power of nature and its natural healing flow.


The signature essential oils used by REWIRE YOUR DESIRE are the Young Living brand. These therapeutic-grade plant medicines are of the highest quality and sourced from the YL farms around the world. With the impetus of the RYD program centered around creating space and opportunity to heal old wounds and rewrite your story, these EOs will serve as a potent tool for EMOTIONAL RESOLUTION & RESILIENCE. 

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